Tuition and Fees

Discovery Christian Academy strives to keep tuition and fees low for our families while providing excellent education.

Registration Fee: $125 per New Student; $75 per Returning Student

An initial Registration Fee of $125 is due with the Enrollment Application before scheduling your child’s assessment. For returning students, a $75 Registration Fee is due annually to secure a space for the upcoming school year. These fees cover the costs of the enrollment process and are non-refundable.

2023-2024 Annual Tuition:
*Early Bird Discount*
$7,950 per Student
*Registering After June 30th* $8,400 per Student

We have broken our annual tuition into ten monthly payments. The first payment is due September 1st, and the last payment is due June 1st. Additional payment plans are offered, including reduced rates for siblings. Students who join our school mid-year will have a pro-rated tuition based on the number of days remaining in the school year.

Textbooks/Materials Fee: $375 per Student

Although we use very few textbooks in a Project Based Learning environment, there is a myriad of resources and materials that enhance your child’s education. The Textbooks/Materials Fee is due on August 1st to give us time to place orders before school begins.

School Supplies: $150 per Student

To wave this fee, you may opt to download our Student Supplies List and send the required items to school by September 1st (or within three days of your child’s first day of school if joining mid-year).  To make shopping easy, visit our Amazon School Supply List or Staples School Supply List and add the items to your cart.

Uniform Fee: $18 per Polo and $30 per Dress

As with most private schools, uniforms are required at Discovery Christian Academy. We offer boys polos in navy, red, and ash gray. Girls polos come in navy, red, and light blue. We also offer dresses for girls in the same colors. Colors are based on availability. The Uniform Fee with a corresponding Uniform Order Form is due on August 1st. We also open uniform sales mid-to-late January for families to replenish from outgrown or stained articles of clothing. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information on our school dress code.

Student Tablet Deposit: $150 per Student

The Student Tablet Deposit is due on August 1st. Each student will “check out” a pre-loaded tablet with specific apps that we will be using throughout the year. For example, Khan Academy will be used as an additional tool in math. Also, the tablets will help students “research” pre-assigned and safe information in Project Based Learning through Seesaw. For returning families, the Student Tablet Deposit remains in their child’s account until their last month at Discovery Christian Academy. Tablets which are returned in good condition will result in a deposit refund.

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