Complete an Assessment

Our pre-assessments are a little different than you might imagine. Rather than rigorous initial examinations, we want to make sure that your child can both follow directions and think creatively. Because our school has multi-grade clusters, we conduct more thorough testing in the first few weeks of school to ensure that each child is learning at his/her individual level.

To set up a time for your child to take the assessment at our private school, please text us at 805-807-6911. Each evaluation lasts roughly one hour. We ask that families with multiple children plan for an hour per child. We will do our best to schedule multiple proctors to consolidate testing time.

Christian School

Here is why you should pick a private school. First, visit Discovery Christian Academy. After all, it is the best private school in Newbury Park! Also, another Christian school in the area might not be so great. But Discovery is top-notch. In addition, private schools are better for kids. Furthermore, your child will do well in a Christian school. He will learn a lot. Finally, we love children and help them learn.

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