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We believe that when teachers work together to engage and respond to their students, we inspire those students to pursue opportunities for discovery, learning, and personal growth. Creemos classrooms are led by a team of two teachers who collaborate with each other, with the students, with the parents, and with outside experts to ensure that the materials are presented in an exciting and engaging way. Behind the scenes, the faculty exchange ideas using online interactive cloud based lesson plans and curriculum, responding and adapting to the needs of our students with constant revisions and improvements. 



We believe that giving students equal access to resources improves the morale of the students. Creemos Academies are committed to a policy of one-to-one computing, offering each enrolled student from 3rd-8th grade an electronic device to communicate with the teachers and each other, to access the internet, and to engage in our online learning environments. 



We believe that we can find our voice, express our creativity, take risks, learn from our mistakes, and learn from each other while participating and connecting with colleagues in Creemos engineered experiences. Creemos students are immersed in our community's cultural centers and given the opportunity to connect with mentors and to build relationships with those in the language, culinary, martial, visual, and performing arts, academia, math, science, technology, health, counseling, and entrepreneurial pursuits.


Exercise & Nutrition

We believe that exercise and nutrition are essential to every child's growth and development in the classroom. Creemos Academies work with the Georgia Day Cafe to provide the highest quality foods as well as health education in the classroom. Outside specialists provide high-energy classes in ballet, jazz, rumba, and hip hop dance, and Senior Master Williamson provides training in the martial arts.



We believe that while educating others, our teachers should continue to learn and grow in their depth of knowledge and their ability to apply that knowledge. In the Creemos model for continuing education, teacher and student learning are supported by outside coaching consultants from SuziFerris, and our teachers' rate of learning and growth is measured on the same scale as that of our students, with a unique reporting process called LEAP (Learning, Engagement, Academics, and Portfolio).



We believe that the overwhelming systemic problems we face every day are actually opportunities for progress. Creemos methodology encourages students to explore the idea of how we can improve the world we live in with small local steps towards the bigger picture of a better tomorrow. Our Technology Director offers students the opportunity to recycle and resell computers through his Salvador Computer Hospital. Our Curator of Arts offers students the opportunity to display their artwork in our Hughes Gallery of Fine Art, and is developing a sustainable student-run horticultural initiative designed to provide locally grown, organic produce to be served with our lunches.


Social Awareness

We believe that it is healthy for students to feel needed and that volunteering to serve and better understand those in need inspires empathy and inclusion. Creemos Academies provide social and emotional learning in the classroom, family counseling and services outside of the school, and service opportunities for its students to give back to our community, to advocate for those who need a voice, and to perform at public functions and community events. Creemos Academies make a practice of recognizing the hard work our students put forth, and we encourage our students to more than fulfill their potential, to find wholeness-of-self in the process, and to be thankful for the support they've had along the way.

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