Dear Families,

We are deeply sorry, and it is with a heavy heart, that we announce classes at our school are suspended indefinitely, effective immediately.  We are terribly pained to find ourselves in this unfortunate situation and, most importantly, the potential negative effect this may have on you, your families and our students.  

While this was nearly an impossible decision to make, it is the right one.  Most of you are aware that school operations and finances have been troubled over the last few years.  We have fought so hard for solutions but we seem to run into an endless barrage of adversities.  It seems we fix one thing and another thing breaks.  

The school has exhausted all of its operational and financial resources in order to survive over the last couple of years and, tragically, we simply cannot keep up.  

Recently, several key staff members were subject to hateful online threats and one school leader’s family was targeted at their home.  These kinds of harassments and threats create a great deal of instability, fear, and uncertainty for the future.  While we truly wish we could stand and fight another day, we simply cannot.  

Please know that we all have families and many of us have children, and we understand the effect of changing schools in the middle of the school year.  But this decision is the right decision and, in the big picture, we know that all will be better served by making this transition now instead of delaying the inevitable.  One teacher said in a meeting last week that she believes the school is cursed.  While we don’t know that to be true, there certainly has been a pattern of extreme challenges that seem beyond the norm.  Given this reality, it’s best we all free ourselves from the perpetual cycle of try and fail and give new opportunities a chance to enhance our lives.  

You are greatly loved and appreciated.  Reaching this decision was painstaking and is one that will forever alter the lives of those who made it.  

We will be mailing withdraw forms to your home immediately.  You may enroll your student at any of the wonderful public schools across Arizona.  

We will be responding to all requests for records.  Please have your student's new school email us at  We will be glad to email or fax them back.  

Your children are a huge blessing to our community and the world IS better because of them.  We are tearful and crushed to lose them at our school.  

- School Leadership